"For a long time, memory researchers assumed that memories were like volumes stored in a library. When your brain remembered something, it was simply searching through the stacks and then reading aloud from whatever passage it discovered. But some scientists now believe that memories effectively get rewritten every time they’re activated, thanks to a process called reconsolidation. To create a synaptic connection between two neurons the associative link that is at the heart of all neuronal learning you need protein synthesis. Studies on rats suggest that if you block protein synthesis during the execution of learned behavior pushing a lever to get food, for instance the learned behavior disappears. It appears that instead of simply recalling a memory that had been forged days or months ago, the brain is forging it all over again, in a new associative context. In a sense, when we remember something, we create a new memory, one that is shaped by the changes that have happened to our brain since the memory last occurred to us."


Slate Magazine, “The Science of Eternal Sunshine by Steven, March 22, 2004

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What is it with Team Free Will and getting themselves captured? jfc.

"I have been in your brother’s body, Dean. He would not trade his life
for yours.” “Well, thanks for the rerun, pal. Sam’s already told me all that crap”. “Hell, he’s told me worse.”

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In ancient times, the land

lay covered in forests,              

where, from ages long past,

dwelt the spirits of the gods.

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Dean’s got demons to kill and no time for anybody’s patronizing bullshit, especially not from Cas, so it’s not hard to get in the Impala and drive away. But later that night, glancing at his phone before bed, he finds he does have one more thing to say.

He opens up his texts and types

can’t believe u watched star wars without me u asshole

and then switches his phone off, rolls over, and scowls until he falls asleep.



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I saw this nautical dress over on Modcloth last week, and knew I just had to have it.. I’m really crushing on a-line dresses, and I absolutely love blue and beige together, I decided to keep this outfit simple and just let the dress shine, and felt inspired to try a new locale for the photoshoot. I’m feeling super cute and really loving how this set turned out. What do you think, Tumblr?

Um, excuse me, your legs look fabulous and that dress is adorable.


Jody killed Cody

there’s a suite life joke in here I just know it


Never a moment of fucking hesitation when a weapon is pointing at Sammy




i keep thinking about that time martin was like “i hate photo shoots because i never know what to do” and then looking at his photo shoots just like…. he just had no idea what to do